Jay Nargundkar (that’s me!) worked as a management consultant for Deloitte Consulting’s Strategy & Operations group for 3+ years after graduating from college.

In September 2011 I quit my job, packed up my Washington, D.C. apartment, and moved to the small Peruvian jungle town of Tarapoto to volunteer as an Economic Development Consultant for an NGO called Technoserve.

For the next several months I will help build and grow small businesses in an area that was once a major region for cocaine production.  More details can be found in this blog’s introductory post: “I’m Moving to Peru”.

I hope Mi Vida S.A. (“My South American Life”) will be an interesting, informative, and honest account of my experience living down here.  Please subscribe to this blog via the email form at right; post comments and questions; and feel free to write to me at [mylastname]@gmail.com.

Posing with a makeshift flagpole on the Colca Canyon descent to Sangalle Oasis

Colca Canyon, Perú (Dec 2011)

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